Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sensory Play

 I have a little guy who loves science experiments!  When Old Crow sees the "Science Center" tag on his schedule strip, it quickly becomes one of the favorite activities of the day.  Today we discussed buoyancy and predicted what might float and what might sink.  And then came the fun of experimenting.

After dropping several objects in the bin of water, Old Crow began to realize there were similarities in the items that were sinking and those that floated.  This learning is a natural part of growth and development, but it still amazes and thrills me.  It is such an honor and privilege to watch this learning take place in my own children.  From someone who never wanted to homeschool, I now thank God for guiding me on this new path.  In many ways our life has become simpler...yet it is richer.   

Ok, back to the science.... ;)
Once all of the items had been tested, we rolled up our sleeves and began to play.  Our science center turned into a sensory bin!  

I have been doing research lately on sensory play and activities.  One great article can be found here at this blog:  Not Just Cute.   As I read articles describing sensory play, bells started going off as I remembered events from Crazy Horse's toddler years and even recent memories. 

 His love for all things dirt and mud, his climbing into sinks at 18 months old to play in the water, his need to put everything in his mouth as a baby, his little hands always wanting to touch and grab.  He was initiating his own sensory play!!  So I knew that he would absolutely LOVE any sensory bin I created for him.  

He played for 2 hours straight with the water bin!!!  His little hands looked like raisins and he continued to play and explore.  Why didn't I think of this sooner???  Why didn't I realize his need for this type of play and exploration?

We shall have many more sensory bins in the future.  I am actually looking forward to rice being scattered on the floor and water being sloshed around.  It's all in the name of fun (and learning of course). 


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