Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lentil and Lemons

Last week we read Lentil as part of our Five in a Row series.  This is a wonderful  approach to learning that centers around one piece of children's literature each week.  Activities and discussions flow from the book read each day...five days in a row ;)

So each day we would snuggle on the couch and read this story about a boy named Lentil who learns to play the harmonica and saves the day.

Here are some of the activities we did throughout the week.

We have a story disk for each book in the series, so we located Ohio (the setting) on the map and placed Lentil's story disk on it. 

We tasted lemons and experienced the reaction of our tongues/mouths...just like in the book.

One aspect of Lentil is patriotism and serving our we talked about the American flag and what it means to "be free."

We also talked about the Statue of Liberty and he wore his crown left over from VBS. 

I gave Old Crow a harmonica and he practiced and practiced, trying to become an expert.  Just like Lentil.

Other activities we did that go along with this book:
 * compared small town life to city life
 * discussed the time period the book was written  (1940's) and how things have changed
* learned what monuments are and went looking for monuments in our town
* played with civil war soldier men

I encourage you to grab a book, snuggle up with your babies, and have fun!!!


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