Our Curriculum

2014-2015:  1st Grade and 3rd Grade

This year I am using a block schedule approach and we will do most subjects together.
For 1st grade here is Crazy Horse's materials:
                         Block 1: Math                                  ABeka Arithmetic 1
                         Block 2: Listen to Mom Read           Beautiful Feet's Early American History 
                         Block 3: Handwriting & Copywork    A Reason for Handwriting
                         Block 4: Reading & Piano                 Dr. Cupp's Jack & Jilly Readers 
                         Block 5: Memory Work                    Classical Conversations

For 3rd grade here is Old Crow's materials:
                        Block 1: Math                                    ABeka Arithmetic 3
                        Block 2: Listen to Mom Read             Beautiful Feet's Early American History
                        Block 3: Writing                                Copywork selections I choose; grammar 
                                     Cursive                                 Prescripts by Classical Conversations
                        Block 4: Piano & Reading                   Drawn into the Heart of Reading
                        Block 5: Memory Work                      Classical Conversations
                        Block 6: Spelling (2 days a week)        All About Spelling

2013-2014   Kindergarten and 2nd Grade

Once again we are changing it up.  :)  You can read about our curriculum choice here.

We will be using Classical Conversations as our main curriculum.  Both of my boys will be learning the same material in Bible, history, science, geography, fine arts, Latin, and English grammar.   This is such a relief for me.  It simplifies our day and brings unity with our studies.

Here is the breakdown for their grade specific subjects:

Old Crow:  2nd Grade
Copywork and Writing:  Various portions of poems, classical stories, and scripture

Crazy Horse:  Kindergarten
Handwriting:  A Reason for Handwriting Level K

2012-2013   1st Grade

I decided go a different route this year.  I wanted something all-inclusive with less planning on my part. You can read about our curriculum choice here.

Heart of Dakota:  Bible, History/Geography, Science, Writing, Character Education, Storytime, Language Arts, Emerging Reading Sets, Math, Music, Art

All About Spelling level 1 and Explode the CodeSpelling and Phonics practice

Family Time FitnessPhysical Education

2011-2012  Kindergarten

Choosing the curriculum was one of the most nerve-wracking decisions I have had to make in a long time...many hours were spent researching and many fingernails were bitten.  After coming to the realization that I wouldn't permanently damage my son with a wrong choice and that I'm not able to do everything out there (and there are TONS), I just bit the bullet and clicked "buy."

Bible: Grapevine Studies: Old Testament Overview and ABC weekly bible verses for memorization
Character Education:  We Choose Virtues
Phonics/Reading:  Dr. Cupp's Jack and Jilly Readers and Explode the Code
Writing:  WriteShop Primary
Math: Abeka K
Science: Abeka K along with my own unit studies
History/Geography:  Five in a Row along with my own unit studies
Physical Education:  Family Time Fitness