Monday, January 30, 2012

Apple Pie in a Basket

Today jump-started our week reading How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World...the story of a girl who must travel the world and gather ingredients for an apple pie.  After reading a wonderful blog called Delightful Learning , I decided to put together a sensory bin to go along with this book. 

So I gathered together the following:
wheat stalks
a small play chicken
cinnamon sticks
a small cow
salt in a shaker
sugar cane sticks
miniature apples
measuring cups
measuring spoons

I used oatmeal as the filler and added all of the other items.  I also found a fabric world map to use as a floor covering.

Then I let Old Crow have at it!  Crazy Horse isn't feeling too well today; hopefully he will feel up to exploring this "apple pie in a basket" tomorrow.

After he had a while to experiment and play with the basket, we used the world map and located each country mentioned in the story.  He took each "ingredient" and placed it on the country as we walked through the story a second time.

I think this was as much fun for me to create as it was for him to explore.  :) 
Stay tuned for more Apple Pie activities and our go-along unit on seeds.


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