Monday, January 9, 2012

Remain Calm

People have often asked, "What are your younger kids doing during homeschool?"  Well, today I would have to answer, "Destroying the room!"  :)  Crazy Horse attends a 1/2 day preschool and Memphis Belle goes to a small 1/2 day class 3 days a week.  Monday, however, is not one of her days to attend.  So on these days I try to have things she enjoys to do within reach in our school room. 

She loves playing with blocks and unifix cubes.  I put her at the table with us and this keeps her occupied (for a short time).

I also have a basket full of books that she enjoys to look through.  She enjoys this (for a little while).

She also likes to sit at the table with her books.  And this keeps her happy for about 10 seconds. 

In between these episodes, she is making a complete mess of the room and expressing her unhappiness with not being paid any attention.  It must bother me a great deal more than Old Crow though.  He says, "She just wants to be up here with us." :)

So I just try to make the best of it and remain calm.  After all, our virtue we are studying is patience. 


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