Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bible Time

In the beginning stages of my homeschool planning and trying to arrange our schedule, I decided to place our Bible lesson as the first activity.  We begin each morning with prayer and then we see what our lesson and Bible story has in store for us. :)  We are using Grapevine Studies...Stick Figuring Through the Bible.  I first found this curriculum reviewed on other homeschool blogs, and I thought it would be a great place for us to start. 

We are reviewing the Old Testament beginning with Creation.  After I read a passage from the Bible, Old Crow then draws the main idea/theme and character using stick figures.  It is a wonderful tool to help him remember the story.  Each day as we begin a new lesson, he is able to go back through his notebook and recall the previous days.  This was extremely helpful with the Creation story.  And now we are reviewing Adam.  I love looking at his drawings!

Along with our Bible curriculum, we have a weekly Bible verse to memorize (ABC Bible Verses).  Clark and I have found that we need this as much as our children.  Below are the two we have learned so far:

(My plan is to place them into a book as we learn them; this will make for a great review.)

We practice our verse each day and it is working!!!!  Old Crow was able to recite them to his daddy over dinner at Longhorns.


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