Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our rain unit: "God is in the storm"

Today we continued our unit study on weather...focusing on rain.  
And Old Crow now presents to you our science center:

First, we put soil in a zip lock bag.

Then we misted the soil with water.

Next, we zipped the bag closed.

Then, we taped it onto our school room window.  Now the waiting begins.  We will observe the bag and watch "clouds" build until they can't hold any more moisture.  Then "rain" will begin to fall inside the bag.  :)

Along with our science center, we also read about rain and storms.  One book he really enjoys reading is Extreme Weather

Old Crow was very dramatic in his retelling of the water cycle.

For art, we painted a rainbow while listening to "Rise And Shine" (the Arky song).  And we talked about the significance of rainbows and the story of Noah and the flood.

After he painted the rainbow, he began to add something extra to his paper.  I wasn't sure what he was about to add, but I bit my tongue and refrained from telling him not to mess up his paper.  He was far from messing it up.  

He painted the word God in the center of the storm.  It was such a beautiful sight.   


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