Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday's Top 10: How the Husband Can Help with Homeschooling

This weeks Top 10 takes a look at how the husband can be a part of homeschooling.  Sometimes we, the teaching moms, feel the sole weight of homeschooling and it can be a heavy burden.  I wanted to examine the  ways my husband contributes and recognize those efforts.  By doing so, it allows me to see that I'm not in this alone, and it also gives me specific ways to thank my husband.  Hopefully this will point out the many ways your husband also supports your family.

Top 10 Ways the Husband Can Help with Homeschooling
(these are in no particular order)

1.  He leads devotionals with the kids.  This is an important time of spiritual leadership and bonding between the kids and their Daddy.

by Ima-princess

2.  He reads with them at night.  Most nights this is a Bible story, but they also like to pull out books on dinosaurs, tractors, and trucks.

by Teresa

3.  He is the schoolroom handyman.  Without him, I would have nothing on my walls. :)

by Melissa L.

4.  He provides hands-on learning and real-life experiences.  Hunting, fishing, and sports practice all allow for skills and knowledge to be passed down.

Homeschool Ryan gosling :)

5.  He can be the tutor/sole teacher on difficult subjects like math.  I will definitely need this when we hit high school math (or even long division for that matter).  Math is not my strong suit.  ;)

by Ren

6.  He is the chief encourager and cheerleader for me.  On days when the devil creeps in and has me questioning myself with "Why are we doing this again?", he is there to encourage and motivate.

funny by Leslie T.  from Homeschool Ryan Gosling

7.  He is the curriculum co-coordinator.  He helps me with choosing curriculum.  We discuss possible choices, and he helps me in narrowing them down.  We also pray together about what God wants for our family.

» Homeschool Ryan Gosling Meme---too funny! It's even funnier that he was ACTUALLY homeschooled. ;)

8.  He is the bread winner.  Without his strong work ethic and commitment to providing for our family, I would not be able to stay at home.

by Anne H.

9.  He is the guidance counselor.  The kids and I go to him and seek help, comfort, and guidance.

Ryan Gossling speaks "homeschool."

10.  He is the PE coach. :)    

homeschool ryan gosling hunger games

Create your own list (either on paper or mentally) and you'll realize the many ways
 he provides for you and his family.  At a marriage conference, the speaker told us how husbands just want to know they are appreciated.  So tell him how much you appreciate him and a kiss would be nice too. ;)

by Amanda

**The Ryan Gosling funnies were too good to pass up!!!

Coming next week...the myths of homeschooling.  Should be interesting!  ;)

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