Friday, September 28, 2012

Treasure Hunt!

Storytime is one of Old Crow's favorite parts of the day.  He gets to paint pictures in his mind as we read aloud to him.  We usually read a portion of our current chapter book in the mornings along with our other studies, but some days he asks to save it until bedtime.

Biography was our genre at the beginning of the school year.  To introduce this genre and book called William Henry Harrison, I had him fill a paper bag full of things that would tell about him.  Then he presented his items to us and told the "story of his life."  

Now that we completed the biography, we are turning to the genre of adventure.  The Heart of Dakota teacher's guide suggested a treasure hunt to help introduce kids to this new genre.  I knew Old Crow would love this!!  So I set out to create a treasure hunt and the treasure would be a snack and our new chapter book, The Sword in the Tree.  :)

This brought back such fun memories.  As a child, my mom would make rhyming clues for my friends and me to follow all through the house.  We would beg for her to come up with these on the spot...and she was so good at it!  Now it was my turn, and I gave it a shot.

I placed Clue #1 in his storytime workbox.  He was so excited he ran outside.  He read it a few times and the more he focused on the word "score" he realized he should head to the soccer goal.  

On the soccer goal he found Clue #2.

As he read it he kept saying "a rock" instead of "rock".  So he wanted to look for a rock...with a little guidance he headed for the front porch rocking chairs.

On the rocking chair he found Clue #3.

He quickly realized he should look in the fishing boat...and there he found a treasure map.

Old Crow followed the map to where X marked the spot.  And he found his treasure!!!

We took our treasure inside...shared our snack with Memphis Belle and began reading The Sword in the Tree.  I think this adventure genre will be right up Old Crow's alley.  :)


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  1. Loved it! You did a great job with the riddles and rhymes. Mama taught you well! I loved
    Old Crow's face...pure excitement!