Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday's Top 10: Favorite Fall Activities

Bright, clear skies.  Breezy days.  Rustling leaves.  Cooler temperatures.  
A brief glimpse of fall recently came through the south.  Everyone stayed outdoors to soak up as much of this wonderful weather as we could.  The first hint of fall makes us all itch to dig out our sweaters, carve some pumpkins, and drink hot chocolate. We are eager to celebrate the change of seasons and all that comes during autumn.  Here are some of our family's favorite fall-time fun. 

Top 10 Favorite Fall Activities

1.  Going to Friday night high school football games and college football on Saturdays.  "I can feel it coming in the air tonight"...this pretty much sums up the environment surrounding ball games.  There is almost a tangible quality to the atmosphere.  The tradition, sense of community, and excitement is so strong you can almost feel it.  The smell of grilled hamburgers, the sound of roaring crowds, and the sight of an entire community coming together to support their own mixes together for one grand experience...for all ages. :)

2.  Visiting a pumpkin patch and then carving the pumpkin together.

3.  Drinking hot chocolate on a cool night.  There is just something about a cup of hot chocolate with mini marshmallows that makes me smile.  Invite some friends over and have a hot chocolate bar with lots of toppings.  Add a fire and it's near perfection!

4.  Eating soup and chili from a big pot that has been on the stove all day.  Growing up I loved coming inside the house and seeing a warm pot of chili on a cold night.  The entire family would come over for chili and chili dogs.  This is a sweet memory that I love reliving...a lot.  We eat a lot of chili and soup in the fall and winter. :)

5.  Raking leaves into a huge pile and then jumping in!  While I don't think I did this very often as a child, my boys LOVE it.  The last house we lived in had tons of fallen leaves.  They would work so hard to rake them together and then in they would jump.

6.  Making smores by a fire.  Once the weather is cold enough for an indoor fire, we love pulling out the coat hangers and all making this yummy treat.  When the kids go camping with their grandparents, this is a favorite tradition no matter the season.

7.  Going to fall festivals.  Church festivals.  School festivals.  Community festivals.  They have such charm  and warmth that they are hard to avoid.  Yes, the kids may get a little over-excited...but it's all in the name of fun.

8.  Watching the corn and cotton grow.  Since we live in and near rural farming communities it is the norm to see fields of crops growing beside houses and along roads.  Cotton and corn are symbolic of both our southern heritage and the autumn season.  Once harvest time arrives, the boys love to jump on the harvesters and take a ride.  :) 

9.  Taking a hayride.  What is it about a hayride??  I think everyone from toddlers to grandparents love a good hayride.  On a cool night with a warm blanket...I'm ready.

10.  Going for walks, collecting leaves and branches, and then making decorations.  As the season changes, it becomes visible in the rich leaf color, bare branches, and falling leaves.  It is the perfect time to get outdoors and go for a walk and bike ride.  You can collect leaves and branches for seasonal decorations...wreathes, flower arrangements, centerpieces, etc.

After looking over my list, I see that these are all about memories...either remembering them, reliving them, or making them!  I hope your fall season is full of warmth that can only come
from the love of family and friends.

Happy Fall Y'all (almost),

P.S.  Please share some of your favorite fall activities below.
Also, I'd love suggestions for future top 10s. :)

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