Sunday, July 1, 2012

Turtle in the Tub

One afternoon Daddy and the boys went on their weekly "Man Day."  They enjoy this time of strictly males doing only the things they can understand...mud bogging, fishing, riding around the farm, buying Gatorade from the Flash Food, etc.  While riding the dirt roads, they found a turtle and had the great idea of bringing it home and putting it in our tub.  Everyone got a kick out of it!

As we ran the water to watch the turtle swim they boys kept wanting me to touch the shell.  I touched the shell, and then Old Crow kept saying, "No, touch that spot."  He pointed to a circular shape on the shell that looked like a different looked soft and squishy.  "Uhhhh, I don't think so."  We kept going back and forth until finally Daddy touched it.  And it was definitely not part of the shell.  I'm so glad I kept my hands off!

Notice:  The spot mentioned is at the bottom center of this picture.  It looks very much like the shell pattern.  Look hard. ;)

So we brought the ipad into the bathroom and we all had an impromptu lesson on....:LEECHES!!  Yes, it was a leech on the turtles shell, which we learned was quite common.  But all I could think of was how doctors used them to suck the "bad blood" from sick patients long ago.  I ordered everyone to immediately wash their hands.  

Of course then we wanted to watch the leech move.  So we poked a little and it began to move around.  It even came off and began to swim around the tub.  (Yes, it has been sanitized several times since).

Then the turtle finally decided to "come out of his shell" and took a swim too...much to the delight of everyone.    

Who know what the boys will drag home next.  But I'm sure it will be enjoyed by all.  ;)


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