Monday, July 23, 2012

From fearful to fearless!

Events occur in our lives that set us back, throw us off our comfortable axis, and change our perspective on life.  Tragedies, temptations, and worldly circumstances bombard us and we are left reeling...not sure which way to go.  Fear can almost paralyze us. 

Only with God's grace are we able to move from being frozen by fear to becoming fearless.  In Beth Moore's Study on Esther, she told us of the most repeated command in the Bible.
"Do not be afraid."  It is read throughout the Bible and commands us to live a life of faith not fear. 

So do not fear, for I am with you.  Isaiah 41:10

Crazy Horse experienced a fearful situation recently.  After learning to swim last year, his 1st swim of this season while away from home resulted in panic.  He went further than he intended into the pool and panicked when he couldn't touch the bottom.  Old Crow was there to rescue him (which he loves to tell everyone).  This left Crazy Horse fearful, and he would not even leave the pool steps.  He cried if I even carried him around in the pool.  

Well, then came swim lessons.  With the special touch of a talented teacher, our Crazy Horse has learned to love the water again.  He faced the fear and dove right in.

He even jumped off the "big diving board."

He was fearful and then became fearless!  Way to go, little man!

In His love,

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