Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dinosaur Dig

When my dinosaur-loving son found this fossil kit at the local supermarket, I knew it would be a great summer afternoon activity.   So we set up everything in the kitchen, and he went on a dinosaur dig!  

Old Crow used the enclosed blue tool to chip away at the dirt ball.  As he went deeper into the dirt we finally found a fossilized bone!

He then used the red brush to sweep away dirt and carefully extract the fossil.

 More digging!

And more brushing!

Once all the bones were found, he then put them together to create the whole dinosaur.

And now he has a miniature T-Rex!

So when you are out at the supermarket or dollar store, be on the lookout for interesting games and activities your kids would love.  This was perfect for an indoor activity during the hot summer afternoons.  It would also work great for fun workbox fillers during the school year.

Happy Hunting!