Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Roly Poly Terrarium

One afternoon after a storm, the boys helped pile up all the tree limbs that fell in the yard.  As we were moving one limb, we found a large family of roly poly bugs. We gathered them up and made a "roly poly habitat" so we could observe them. The neat thing about a roly poly is that they do not try to climb out of the container (unlike ants).  So we could just leave it uncovered and watch them move all around.

After putting together a temporary habitat, we decided to create a terrarium for our roly poly bugs.  The first thing we did was buy a terrarium from the nearby pet store.  Then we researched a roly poly on the internet to find out what they need to survive.  We practiced our list-making skills and wrote down all the things we needed to put in the terrarium. I love making lists!

First we dug up some good soil and placed in the bottom of the terrarium.

Next, we pulled several weeds with the roots and planted them in the soil.  A roly poly bug is self-sufficient and lives off decaying plant matter.  So there is no need to give them any food other than plants.

 We added some bark, wood chips, rocks, and sticks for them to hide under. Then we added the roly poly bugs we had already gathered.  

Last, we misted the terrarium with water.  They need moist conditions to survive...we don't want them to dry out.  

And now we have a roly poly terrarium!  

Enjoy nature and see what you can find!

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  1. I really enjoy your posts. You are homeschooling me as well. I learn something new each time!