Friday, January 4, 2013

Fun in the Cotton Field

Back in October, we had the chance to tag along with Crazy Horse's preschool class for a trip to the cotton fields.  What a blast we had!!  I wanted to include this with our crop studies and do a more in-depth study for Old Crow, but with the holidays and our crazy schedule we just didn't have time.  So I thought I'd share our trip and the fun the kids had.

The first leg of our trip was a hay ride through the cotton field.  As we rode through the middle of the "southern snow," the kids were able to see how the cotton grew.

Then the hay ride stopped and let everyone get off for a close-up examination of the cotton plants.  The kids were able to pull off some of the cotton and feel the texture.  They also looked for the seeds inside the cotton boll.  

We boarded the hay ride and it took us farther down the field to the cotton module builder.  They opened the doors and let all the kids play in the cotton.  They had such a good time!!  So did the adults! :)

Then we once again boarded the hay ride, and as we rode back through the field the cotton picker drove alongside us.  It picked the cotton, and we were able to look closely at this mighty machine.

Back at the barn we all had a picnic...a perfect way to end the morning.  :)

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