Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Me on the Map" Unit

At the request of a friend who wanted some ideas for a USA unit, I decided to put our activities into words and share them with you.  While reading the book, Lentil, I incorporated our "Me on the Map" unit because it fit naturally with the setting and patriotic spirit of the story of the book. Please click here for more information on our Lentil activities.  

So our "Me on the Map" unit centered around the book Me on the Map by Joan Sweeney.  

I purchased this ready-made digital printable set from Teachers Pay Teachers for $4.00.  It offered the flip book below and other valuable activities we used.  Click here for the download

Each day we read the book Me on the Map, and then focused on a particular section.  This was our plan:

Day 1:
We focused on the me, my room, my street, and town section.  Old Crow drew a map of his room by using the example from the book as a guide.  We reviewed our street address.  I also took a generic community map and Old Crow used a toy car to "travel around town."  This allowed him to practice basic map skills and cardinal directions.

Then he completed the Me, My Street, and My Town section of the flip book above. 

Day 2:
This day we focused our attention on our state and country.  This is a perfect opportunity to review/introduce topics like the president, the USA flag, monuments, statue of liberty, etc.

We completed the State and Country section of the flip book.

Old Crow also used watercolors and painted the US flag.  We began a lapbook which will hold all flags we make that go along with the countries we study.

This would also be a great time to make patriotic t-shirts (stamping stars on the front and painting stripes on the back), making patriotic windsocks, craft stick flag, or star wreath.  There are many other suggestions at Enchanted Learning.
Day 3
We discussed the continent section of the book.  We briefly reviewed the 7 continents and then focused on North America.  

Then we completed the Continent and Planet section of the flip book.  We had now completed the flip book so we put it all together!

Day 4
We reviewed the concepts learned by using nesting cups.  As he placed one cup inside another, Old Crow would tell what each represented...the state, town, etc.

Then I gave Old Crow an assessment of sorts.  Click here to view and print.  You would just need to type your actual information on a separate sheet...like your address, state, etc.  Then your child would match his information onto the assessment sheet.

This unit could definitely be lengthened to allow more time and focus on each section.
I hope you enjoy Me on the Map as much as we did! :)


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