Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love, Hearts, and Valentines

As Valentine's Day rolled around this year, I began to worry how Old Crow would react to not having a class party and passing out valentines to friends.  But I realized that those were my memories...not his.  While I do look back on those memories with fondness, I must journey forth in this new adventure of learning at home and embrace a new style of learning.  One where family parties replace class parties and valentines are given to brothers and sisters.

Here is how we celebrated Valentine's Day homeschool style:

  • Our virtue for this week is forgiveness.  I thought this would go perfectly with our study of all things love, hearts, and valentines.  We talked about how we should express our love for one another every day and not just on Valentine's Day.  We also talked about the greatest example of love...Jesus, who forgives our sins and asks that we do the same for one another.

  • He memorized John 3:16 and made an acrostic with the word "Valentine" using the scripture.


  • In his workbox, he found a box of conversation hearts.  He sorted them by color and then graphed them...telling me the color with the greatest and fewest.  These printables can be found here.

  • In his math journal, Old Crow also glued hearts in order from largest to smallest, and then from smallest to largest.


  • Since it was a day focused on hearts, I thought it appropriate to study our heart and its function.  So we discussed the heart's job and watched a short video describing this.  Then he used a stethoscope to listen to his own heart beating.  We also used an anatomy apron to correctly place the heart and other organs on the body.  He found it fascinating that our heart isn't shaped like a heart at all.  :)

  • On day two of our unit, we talked about nutrition and food choices that would keep our heart healthy.  He had to choose the best food choices, and then he glued them to his "Healthy Heart".  

Sensory Play

  • I put together a Valentine themed sensory bin with heart stickers, small heart shaped springs, cupcake liners, funnels, spoons, measuring cups, red colored pasta, and a valentine card that I had cut into pieces.  He found all the pieces to the valentine card and put the puzzle together. 


  • Old Crow made his own valentine to give away using heart stickers and hearts we cut out of construction paper.


  • He also learned how to make a heart...I can still remember when I learned this skill. :)

Read Alouds

These are wonderful books, and we enjoyed reading these together.

So that's how we celebrated the day of home with those we love the most
(and it was pretty perfect). 


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