Monday, February 20, 2012

Learning about Presidents

To kickstart our 2-day unit for Presidents' Day, we read My Teacher for President.  This book helped to introduce the role and job of our president.  We also discussed the home of the president, and Old Crow colored a picture of the White House.   

On Day 1 our focus was on George Washington.  We watched a short video on Washington and discussed different memorials...the Washington monument, the dollar bill, and the quarter.  While he colored a patriotic  sight word bear, I read aloud a chapter book called Meet George Washington.  Old Crow was fascinated by the sections on the Revolutionary War.    He was cheering and yelling!  He even wanted to dig out our soldier figurines.  I had planned for him to play with these when we studied Lincoln so they would fit the appropriate time period...but it was close enough. ;)

On Day 2, we turned our attention to another great American president...Abraham Lincoln.  We read Abe Lincoln: The Boy Who Loved to Read and watched a short video on Lincoln.  We also looked at the Lincoln Memorial, the penny, and the $5 bill...all memorials for Lincoln.

We made our own Lincoln Log Cabin.  This was extremely easy and Old Crow thought it was the greatest thing!  You can get instructions here.

I hope you all enjoy your Presidents' Day!!


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