Monday, February 25, 2013

Sensory and Science: Rainbow Explosion

Well, I have finally found my way back to blogging. ;)  It has been a month since I last posted and a lot has been keeping me away.  A sweet, dear friend has been in the hospital, and I have enjoyed spending my free time with her at the hospital.  We have also been going through the "February Blues"...just working hard to complete the bare bones of our schooling.  It seems February brings on this feeling of not caring too much about school. :(  No creativity, no fun units, no new ideas.  But I think we can see the light!!

Yesterday, when there was a break in the rain, we headed outside for a little science fun.  It was a sensory tray meets science experiment!

I gave each child their own disposable tray filled with baking soda.  Then we mixed food coloring and vinegar in small bowls to share.  They each had their own dropper to drop the colored vinegar into their baking soda.  And the fizzling and sizzling began!!

Memphis Belle quickly got the hang of the dropper (which is great for fine motor skills) and was amazed at the reaction!

Old Crow was very meticulous and wanted to cover every part of his pan.  We talked about how the bubbles were a chemical reaction between the baking soda (a base) and the vinegar (an acid).


Crazy Horse enjoyed making "lava" and "volcano eruptions."  This activity also offered a perfect time to review our 5 senses.  Before we even began, they all had already put their hands in the baking soda and wanted to play.  Then we talked about the smell of the vinegar and we watched the chemical reaction and bubbles.  We also listened carefully and could hear the "sizzling like a snake."  The only sense that didn't get used was taste...but we talked about why that wouldn't be a good idea.  ;)

This was definitely a hit!  They concentrated and played for about an hour.  And this one activity was jammed packed with learning:  chemical reactions, 5 senses, fine motor skills, creativity, and FUN!  They even threw in a little art...naming their finished products because they looked like paintings.  

Memphis Belle:  Rainbow of Fizzles (with a little help from me)
Crazy Horse:  Colored Eruptions
Old Crow: Art of the Rangers (because the colors were the same as the Power Rangers)

This one is worth repeating!

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  1. Love it!! So glad to see you found your way back. I have missed reading and seeing all the pics. Love Memphis Belle's tiara!