Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday's Top 10: Netflix for Kids

As a child, I remember renting a VCR player and movies from the local video store.  Many years later, while in college, DVD players were becoming the new thing.  Then came TiVo with the ability to rewind live TV.  Wait a minute...huh???  Is that even possible?

This new technology continued to spread and now we have smart TVs, DVRs, and Blu Rays. And with these we now have more capabilities than ever before...including Netflix.  Netflix offers a wealth of both entertainment and education.  Because of this, it is one of my family's new favorite electronic toys!  With the streaming capability on televisions, computers, and ipads, learning comes alive visually.
And the entertainment value isn't so bad either.  ;)

Top 10 Netflix Picks for Kids

1.  Mighty Machines
This is by far one of the boys' recent favorites.  Trains, planes, and heavy machinery geared towards kids!
Mighty Machines

2.  All About
Helicopters, Construction, and Boats are just a few of the different episodes.  
All About Airplanes

3.  Veggie Tales
Humorous stories with a strong focus on Godly character traits and Biblical stories.
Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie  

4.  Modern Marvels (The History Channel)
A behind-the-scenes look at man-made wonders and technology breakthroughs.  Great for all ages! 
Modern Marvels: Monster Trucks  

5.  How Stuff Works
An explanation of the stuff "that makes the world go round."  

6.   National Geographic
Wildlife and exotic, foreign locations are brought right into our living room.  Parental guidance may be needed on certain portions.  
National Geographic: Tigers of the Snow

7.  Thomas the Train
Talking trains with a multitude of facial expressions and strong British accents.  The kids love it!!  They often get their wooden trains and reenact the stories.
Thomas & Friends: Hero of the Rails

8.  The Land Before Time
Little Foot and his gang often find themselves in a sticky situation.  But it's nothing that a little teamwork and determination can't fix.  :)
The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration

9.  David Attenborough: Wildlife Special
Beautiful footage of God's amazing creatures.  Each episode looks at a different animal in their natural setting. 

10.   Military Channel:  Top Tens
Military weapons and systems throughout history are ranked and rated.  A top pick for Daddy and the kids love to watch as well.
Top Tens DVD Set

Now that Memphis Belle is older and able to express her opinions, I'm sure Strawberry Shortcake and Care Bears will soon be added to our favorites. ;)

'Til next time,

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