Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday's Top 10: Joining a Bible Study

Today is the first Tuesday since my small-group Bible study ended.  Our 8 week study of the book of James  was a wonderful and mighty experience, and now that it is over, I'm feeling a little bereft.  I miss having my girlfriends over for dinner, sharing sweet girl talk, and listening to Beth Moore as she brought the life and message of James alive.  After a short break, we'll begin a new study and I'm looking forward to that time together again.  

As today began to draw to a close, I couldn't think of a topic for my "top 10."  The more I reflected over our recent Bible study, the more I realized this would offer a perfect Top 10.  Some of you may wonder, "What in the world does this have to do with homeschooling?"  Well...Mama is an important factor in the homeschooling equation.  She needs to be filled with wisdom, grace, and the Holy Spirit.
So I go to the well...where I will be filled.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Join a Bible Study

1.  You grow and mature in God's word. 

2.  You can commit scripture to memory.

3.   You are able to fellowship with other believers and build a community.

4.  You can develop relationships and friendships with other women.

5.  You can eat good food.  
And even if you miss the meal, you'll never leave hungry. :)

6.  You can share your concerns and troubles with others.
In a room of Christian sisters, you'll be wrapped in love and mercy.  This love and encouragement is so precious!

7.  You are able to pray and offer praise together.

8.  It allows an outlet for you to serve and minister to others.
Meeting the needs of those in your group & working together to meet the needs of those in the community. 

9.  It offers a level of accountability.

10.  Because it's Biblical.
Jesus used the small-group strategy in teaching his disciples.  Luke 6:12-13
The early church began in small groups.  Acts 2: 46-47
We are encouraged to meet together.  Hebrews 10:25

I'd like to hear why you love your small-group Bible study!  And if you haven't joined one yet, I urge you to find one and begin an awesome journey with the Lord. 

In His love,

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