Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our Routine with Workboxes

For some moms creating a routine and schedule can be one of the most important parts of the homeschooling day.  Without a routine, disorganization and chaos can soon follow.  I have found that a routine works better for my family instead of having a strict schedule with time increments.  For example, we know the order of events and how long each will take, but some mornings we may start at 9:00 and some mornings we may start at 9:30.  This allows for interruptions and appointments to occur without making me crazy because I'm 5 minutes late for starting science.

The workbox system helps us organize our subjects and place them in order to be completed.  
Here is a look at how we took the Heart of Dakota guide and divided it into workboxes.  

Learning Through History (approximately 45 minutes)
Workbox 1:  Reading About History
Workbox 2:  Rotation Box (Science, Art, Geography, History)
Workbox 3:  Poetry and Rhymes
Workbox 4:  Bible Study and Music 

Snack Time 10 minutes

Learning The Basics (approximately 1 ½ hours)
Workbox 5:  Spelling (Grammar on Friday) 15 minutes
Workbox 6:  Copywork (Fun/free box on Friday) 10 minutes
Workbox 7:  Reading (Phonics & Emerging Readers) 25 min.
Workbox 8:  Math 20 minutes
Workbox 9:  Storytime 15-20 minutes

Extra Activities (approximately 20-30 minutes)
Workbox 10:  Monday:  PE
                      Tuesday:  Nature Study
                      Wednesday:  Art
                      Thursday:  Thinking Skills
                      Friday:  PE

Our workbox system is this 10 drawer rolling cart.  Each box holds the necessary items for that subject.  Even if there are no items in the box, Old Crow can look at the subject card on the front of the box and know what is about to be covered, what area of the house/room to go to, etc.  

Here is a closer look inside our workboxes.

Hopefully this will help some Heart of Dakota users see how the workbox system can be implemented with the curriculum. :)


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  1. Thank you very much for sharing. Very helpful. Greatly appreciated. Starting BLHFHG.