Monday, August 13, 2012

First Day Success!

Today was our first official day of the 2012-2013 school year.  Crazy Horse and Memphis Belle were excited to see their teachers and friends at our church preschool.  They will be there from 8:45-11:45.  Old Crow also enjoyed seeing the teachers he had in past years.  I am so thankful for this ministry in our church.  It has built a strong foundation in Old that we can now build on at home.  

Crazy Horse is in Pre-K with a wonderful teacher we adore.  One of the main reasons we wanted him to remain in the church preschool instead of coming home was this particular teacher.  I am an advocate for homeschooling. We have found tremendous value in learning at home, but I also never want to minimize and overlook the gifts and God-given talent in others. 

Memphis Belle is in the 2 yr. class with many friends she sees in Sunday School.  She heard music and immediately started dancing in hallway.  We're going to get this girl into some dance classes. ;)

Once we got them settled in their classes, we came home and Old Crow began his 1st day as well.  He was so excited!  Heart of Dakota is a wonderful program and our first day was a success.

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