Monday, August 11, 2014

Lemonade Stand & Life Skills

This weekend the kids decided they wanted to set up a lemonade stand.  As a child I loved selling lemonade to the neighbors so with fond memories and a smile I readily agreed.

Old Crow immediately began by making a list of all the things we would need.  (He is definitely his mother's child!!)  We created a plan and made it happen.  

The cash register was filled with change.  The sign was created.  The lemonade and cookies were prepared to be served.  Smiles were ready to be shared.

During all of the preparation and during our sale, I noticed just how much learning could take place with a simple lemonade stand.

Money skills:  coin recognition, counting money, making change
Organizational skills: list making, gathering supplies
Advertising and promotion:  creating signs, balloons to draw attention
Manners & etiquette:  please, thank you, pleasant voices and tone, eye contact  
Character traits: patience (especially on a hot day and between customers), helpfulness
Work ethic: setting up, cleaning up, not leaving the job
Basic economics: earning a profit, pricing to sell

It was a lot of fun, a lot of work, and totally worth it!

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