Tuesday, January 7, 2014

CC For All Ages

I want to throw this out there:  Classical Conversations is made for all ages!
My three year old daughter is in love with the timeline songs and cards.  One day I found her in the living room with the cd playing as she flipped through our timeline cards. 

Then later she set it all up in a different area and began teaching her baby!  She is such a mini-me.

It is amazing how she is absorbing all of the information we are learning.  She hears it in the car, and she listens to us in the house.  I love to hear her sing about "Age of Ancient Empires" and "Minoans and Mycenaeans."  She randomly uses words like conjugation, 3000 BC, timeline, and 8 parts of speech.  :)  She may not know what any of that means...but one day she will be ready to learn about it and she'll already have that vocabulary in her smart, little brain.  

Along with her and the boys, I am also learning tons!  Years ago I never saw the value of knowing a history timeline or specific dates in history.  I loved hearing about history but I couldn't recall facts and dates.  Now with CC, I am learning all of those things!  It's beautiful to see how our timeline ties into our Bible studies and how our Bible studies relate to our history readings.  Everything is connected!

It all "reflects and relates back to the Creator and Sustainer of all things."  


 Diagram and quote taken from: Classical Christian Education Made Approachable  

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