Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Medieval Times: Knights, Castles, and Dinner

For the last 5 weeks, we have been learning about all things Medieval.  Our history work in Classical Conversations has taken us through the Middle Ages and given us the chance to focus on castles, knights, and important events during this fascinating period.  We decided to take a family trip to the nearest Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament so that the boys could experience life in the Middle Ages.  And I can't recommend it enough!!!! 

We were taken back to a time of knights, castles, falconry, horsemanship, and jousting.  We loved that everything we had read about came to life before our eyes...from the jousting tournament to eating without utensils.  This also gave us a great topic for a presentation once back with our CC group. :)

Along with our trip back in time, we have also been busy at home.  Here is a look into how we keep the Middle Ages fresh in our minds.

As we wandered through the toy section of Target, Old Crow found this Castle Lego set.  He was so excited!!  We brought it home and he quickly got to work.

They enjoyed painting this castle with Q-tips.  

Crazy Horse pulled out this boy magnetic doll and realized he could make him into a knight!  

After reading about life during the time of knights, they wanted to draw a picture of a castle in their journals.  This is Crazy Horse's picture.

We also built a castle from building blocks, held our own knighting ceremonies, watched a portion of A Knight's Tale, and read some great books.
Their two favorite books were:

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