Saturday, August 10, 2013

Homeschool Orientation for Kids

This year will be my first attempt at officially homeschooling more than one child.  I will have both a Kindergartener and a 2nd grader.  While Old Crow is now a pro at this homeschooling thing, little brother--Crazy Horse--still can't quite figure it all out.  He knows about the schoolroom and where we keep the puzzles, crafts, and markers.  He knows we "do school" at home, but he can't wrap his mind around what he will be doing this year.  :)  

So to ease his mind (and mine) a little, I decided to have a special day where it was just him.  A day set aside to provide him with some one-on-one attention before our "1st day of school" on August 12.  

This past Thursday was Crazy Horse's special day.  We began the morning with a tour of the schoolroom.  I made sure he knew where everything was located--books, craft supplies, puzzles, his workboxes, and his notebook.

We spent some time playing with the puzzles. :)


I then went over my expectations for his behavior and attitude.  This was just a reiteration of what he discuss daily.  ;)

Next, I showed him his workbox system.  This has worked great for Old Crow and it is especially recommended when teaching multiple children.  So Crazy Horse now has his very own.  We took time to look in each box, and he also wanted to look through some of the things already placed in his boxes.

The shelf on top of the 10-drawer rolling cart will hold his notebook.  This notebook is basically like a portfolio that will house all of his work.  It is divided into sections...Name (for writing his name and personal information), Bible, Geography, History, Science, and Arts.  It will hold ongoing work as well as finished projects.  We got the idea from Brandy at Half-A-Hundred Acre Wood.  Check out her Classical Notebook here.

Crazy Horse put to use our new art carousel and decorated the cover of his notebook.  This keeps all of our supplies in one spot and they are able to share since it easily turns.

Last, we talked about the calendar board. 

Then we enjoyed the rest of the day doing things that Crazy Horse loves!

Popcorn snack

We rode to the airport and looked at the planes and jets.

And topped it off with a visit to our favorite frozen yogurt store.

You guessed it...Friday was Old Crow's special day.  We began the morning with his choice for breakfast.


Once we were back at home, Old Crow and I spent one-on-one time in the schoolroom.  He didn't need as much preparation so I basically just wanted him to understand how having 2 workboxes would work.

And then he decorated the front cover of his notebook.

I also showed him some new math applications he would be using on the iPad.

We ended his special day with the movie Planes.

Today is Saturday and Memphis Belle has declared that today is her day.  I can't wait to see what is in store. :)


For a more detailed look at our schoolroom and workboxes, click here.

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