Monday, December 10, 2012

Passports Needed: Christmas Around the World

Today we began preparations for our trip around the world!  We will visit other countries
and learn about their Christmas traditions and celebrations.  But first we needed our passports and suitcase.  ;)

Old Crow lined up for his picture to be taken and we ordered his passport.  I explained to him the process for entering other countries.  So he is prepared for the long lines and "friendly" security checkpoints.

He decorated his suitcase, and we attached it to a large piece of folded construction paper.  This suitcase will hold all of our purchases...also known as notebooking pages about each country we visit and crafts we make. ;)


Once we were all set for our travels, we focused on the USA.  We read The Night Before Christmas, A Georgia Night Before Christmas, The Little Christmas Tree, The Christmas Story, etc.

The Georgia Night Before Christmas is hilarious and we both laughed our way through the story! :)

The Georgia Night Before Christmas (Night Before Christmas (Sweetwater))

We then completed a tree chart where we thought about ways the USA celebrates Christmas.

And then Old Crow completed his USA notebooking page...each country will have its own individual page.  
Each country will have the following sections:

Now we are all set and ready to head out on our trip around the world!  Next stop...Mexico!!

Merry Christmas!

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