Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday's Top 10: Let's Talk Turkey

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, turkey is on everyone's mind.  Old Crow even dressed up like one today...with tail feathers, beak, and all.  Here are our top ten turkey activities!

1.  Science...Learning about Turkeys
Old Crow is interested in all things turkey...from their wattle to what they eat.  So we will be researching turkeys by looking on the internet and by reading books.  Here are some graphic organizers to facilitate his research.

2.  Craft...Pinecone Turkeys
These adorable turkeys are not only fun to make, but they will be great table decorations for our Thanksgiving feast.

Pinecone Turkeys Craft

3.  Nature Study...Leaf Turkey
After taking a nature walk and collecting fall colored leaves, we'll use them to create this turkey art.

Leaf Turkeys

4.  Math...Thanksgiving Store
We'll use our money skills to shop for items for our Thanksgiving meal.  Creating a shopping list would also be a great writing activity.  If you don't have food pictures like the ones shown in the picture, magazine cutouts would work too.

Thanksgiving store

These fact family turkeys also make a great turkey-themed math activity.

The First Grade Parade...fact family turkey

5.  Art...How to Draw a Turkey
These step-by-step directions can be found here.  We'll follow these directions to learn how to draw a turkey.

6.  Writing...Turkey's Plea to Farmer
  Old Crow loves reading Turkey Trouble and this free download on persuasive writing goes along perfectly.

Product Details

Persuasive Writing - Turkey's Plea to the Farmer FREEBIE

We'll also complete these precious cards and send them out to family and friends.  They are a free download on Teachers Pay Teachers.

7.  Phonics...Gobble Gobble Sound and Blend Game
This free download from Teachers Pay Teachers is a sound and blend game.  Great way to practice phonics with a turkey theme!

Gobble Gobble! {A Sound and Blend Game}

8.  Vocabulary...Thanksgiving Bingo
Bingo is always a fun game, and it is perfect for holidays and themed celebrations.  Here is a free Thanksgiving Bingo download.  

9.  Craftivity:  Handprint Turkey with "I'm Thankful for..."
This idea came from the First Grade Parade.  Too cute!!  They could even be laminated and used as placemats.

turkey writing

10.  Read, Read, Read
Sprinkled in between all of these activities will be tons of great books!  There are so many great ones that it would be impossible to list them all.  Here are just a few turkey books.


   A Plump and Perky Turkey   

Well, that's all the time I have for turkey talk.  If you would like more ideas, check out my Thanksgiving unit Pinterest board and my Tuesday's Top 10:  Learning about Pilgrims.

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!!  

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