Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fun with words and sounds

Each day as part of our reading time Old Crow works with both sight words and phonics.  I try to change and rotate the activities so that he will have something new and exciting every day.  Below is a compilation of some of his favorite activities (a big thank you to Pinterest and my "retired" teacher-sister for giving me tons of supplies).

Using magnetic letter tiles to spell sight words

Writing the sight words on the dry erase board

Using vowel letter tiles to complete the word card and then matching it to the object

Sorting objects into groups by the vowel sound

Highlighting sight words in a book, magazine, or newspaper

Choosing a consonant letter tile and adding it to the word family card; then he decides whether the word is real or non-sense and writes the word in the appropriate column

Driving his race car to match the sight word I call out

Reading aloud with fluency :)


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