Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ducks Don't Get Wet

During our review week we looked back at several FIAR books we had previously studied.  One day we focused on The Story about Ping...a wonderful book that allows you to take many directions for learning.  You can study ducks, China, pandas, buoyancy, and much more.  You can see our other activities for The Story about Ping by clicking here

As we looked back over an old favorite, we also learned more about ducks.  We read Ducks Don't Get Wet and began to understand how ducks stay dry.

Our science center for the day was an experiment to compare two covered in oil and one without oil.  

A ducks natural process of staying oily is called preening.  To mimic this, we covered one construction paper duck with vegetable oil and we left the other duck alone.   

Then Old Crow sprayed water on both ducks.  And you can guess what happened. ;)  The plain duck soaked up the water and began to tear.  The water sprayed on the oiled duck just rolled right off.  Just like real ducks with oiled feathers.

Now the next time we head to lake, we'll have to be sure to watch the ducks.  :)


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